Friday, 7 August 2015

Glastonbury 2015


I admit I am late in writing this post, but as I sit scrolling through the internet listening to my Glastonbury playlist I thought I would write a post sharing my first ever Glastonbury experience. 

Glastonbury is most definitely the happiest place on earth, I have never seen so many smiling faces, even the pouring rain couldn't get anyone down. For me, being there was the most surreal thing. I've watched Glastonbury for so many years on TV longing to be there and then there I was with my tent pitched with my best friend with a view of the legendary pyramid stage! The size of the festival is incredible and the amount of stuff to do is crazy, you could definitely go the whole four days without seeing any music acts at all, imagine that though, going to a music festival and not seeing anyone! 

Here are some tips if you are thinking of going to Glastonbury next year:

- Register now! You need to register on the Glastonbury website and submit a picture that needs to be approved... This picture will be on your ticket.
- Plan ahead. Make sure you buy all your necessities in plenty of time, you can buy most things at the festival itself but then be aware you'll be paying festival prices (aka EXPENSIVE!)
- Take plenty of money. Food and drink at festivals are always expensive and then you need to take into account any trinkets you want to buy or if you want to go for a massage in the healing field (which are AMAZING)

I'm going to write a checklist before festival season next year so look out for that!

Thanks for reading!

Have you been to any festivals? What was your experience? 

Bye for now! :)

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  1. Hey becks! :)
    I'm so jealous, I would love to go Glastonbury, it looks so good. I hadn't really been to a festival since a few days ago ahaha (unless you count that time we went t4otb), but my music taste has changed quite a bit.. I went to Bloodstock, which is a heavy metal festival.. you'd never think I would get into that music haha, uni people changed me!

    I got nominated for this award thing so I thought I might as well do it, so I nominated you, the post I did on my blog will explain!

    Hope you're well!