Monday, 18 August 2014

Looking back.


First of all I'm sorry i've been away and not been blogging for the past couple of weeks, my Gran passed away so i've been spending time with my family and close friends.

I wanted to do a post on looking back at some of my favourite memories from the past year or so.

1. The last film I worked on (I was sound designer) in my first year at university being accepted into a film festival.

2. Going to the Harry Potter studios (last year) as a present for getting into university.

3. Going to Berlin film festival and spending three days in Berlin being tourist-y, having a laugh and drinking HUGE beers!

4. Meeting the most wonderful boyfriend. 

5. When my best friends in the entire world came to visit me at university.

It's good to look back on your favourite memories of years gone by. 

What are some of yours? 

I should be blogging more often now, although there will be a slight pause whilst i'm moving into my new house at uni!

Bye for now! x

Friday, 1 August 2014



I am a huge fan of Instagram. I love the photography and creativity that comes from there (I also like to have a nosey at people's days) So I thought I would do a bit of self promotion today!

My Instagram is becksssc I post regularly and if you follow me, obviously i'll follow back! 

Do you have Instagram? What's your favourite thing about it? 

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now! :)